ABA Program

ABA Based Day Program

Our day program is designed for children 0-5, who are not in preschool, or have tried mainstream preschools but have not been successful, and have a language, communication, social or learning delay.

We structure the day to resemble a preschool environment, as our long-term goal is to be able to mainstream our learners into a less restrictive environment, such as a typical preschool. In their five-hour day, the learners will receive different combinations of one-to-one ABA therapy, social skills groups, and mock classroom environment, dictated by their needs.

The mock classroom environment includes large group instruction training, classroom routine training, daily specials (music, art, touch and feel, cooking, science, etc.), independent center play, table toys play, academic instructions (“letter of the week”), and transitional skills needed to be able to succeed in typical classroom.